Competitive Kill Article: Outrank Your Competition Fair and Square with SEO Tools

Competitive Kill Article: Outrank Your Competition Fair and Square with SEO Tools

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With the recent March 2019 core update on Google’s algorithm, some sites may have seen improvement but most are still scrambling to figure out the loss in keywords and traffic. Here’s an article type we use religiously here at Plattr for fast and competitive rankings that is so effective it hurts (your competitors that is 😉).

The Competitive Kill Article

Watch this video for the complete guide. Below are a few key takeaways.

2 Important Factors that Google’s Rank Brain update now looks for on your site, and favors in search results:

  • Click through rate
  • Dwell time

Top SEO Tools you should be utilizing

  • Ahrefs – Checks what keywords your site is ranking for, and what position
  • Market Muse – Compares keywords in your article to the top-ranking ones, and helps you identify the ‘missed opportunities’ – keywords, LSI, and topics that you can add to your article and beat out the competition

Couple these tools together, and you have what we like to call a “Competitive Kill” article.

Repeat this process for all your high-ranking post potentials, and watch your articles soar to the top of SERPS.

What’s even better? Your posts will be packed with helpful details and tips that are based on search. Meaning you’re giving people the information they want to read!

Doing so can increase your click-through rate and dwell time, which makes Google happy. It’s a win-win.

Give it a try and let us know how your traffic skyrockets in the comments below!

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