Search Intent: The Competitive Analytical Way | HeroConf2019 Takeaways Part 3

Search Intent: The Competitive Analytical Way | HeroConf2019 Takeaways Part 3

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Here’s our third and final Hero Conference 2019 Takeaway, and of course, we’ve saved the best for last!

At Plattr, we stalk our client’s competitors without shame. Google alerts and social stalking aside, we zero in on what they’re focusing on, find all the missed opportunities with the most volume for us, and TAKE IT.

Here’s one takeaway that we’ve added to our stalker’s handbook.

How To Stalk Your Competitors Search Intent (Whether It’s What They Intended Or Not!)

Competitive analysis and research is so important so you can keep up, and stay ahead of the game (especially when it comes to SEO and showing up at the top of Google).

To do this you typically look at your competitors, the keyword’s they’re ranking for, and the topics they’re writing… right? But WHY? Because you want to know what they’re doing right, wrong, and everything in between.

But like yummy, carbo-loaded chocolate, there’s an extra layer.

How do we know they’re doing it right? Because Google’s Rank Brain considers them the best. That’s why they placed them at the top of page 1.

So we should NOT ask what our competitors are thinking, instead ask WHY is Google picking them?

What unique things are they doing that is landing them at the Top of Page 1.

Here’s how you can repeat this:

STEP 1. Look at the SERP – Search engine results page. 

STEP 2. Figure out why they’re there.

STEP 3: Do the same thing for your content (but better)

KEY 1: Give Google what it wants! 

KEY 2: Always keep search intent in mind.

That’s the gist of it. Of course, we have a lot more SEO secrets we want to share, but we can’t give everything away for free… 😉

Want more Hero Conference takeaways? Drop us a message in the comments HERE or ON SOCIAL to let us know!


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