This is Probably Why You’re Not Getting Any Organic Traffic

How to find the right keyword targets

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There just isn’t enough emphasis placed on the sheer importance of keywords. It is the LIFEBLOOD of marketing. Not just content marketing, mind you-ALL MARKETING.

The keywords that you use in any title, link, or target, is what gets to you right audience to buy your stuff.

When I witness people guessing at keywords (especially when they’re spending hard earned cash on PAID TRAFFIC) it makes me cringe. What if your keyword doesn’t have anyone searching for it? What if your keyword has search volume but impossibly high competition? What if the keyword has different search intent? The ‘what if’s’ are endless.

How To Figure Out Your Keywords

To prevent anyone for making the HUGE mistake of missing your targets, I present to you a video walkthrough on how to find your target keywords using one of our favorite tools: Wordtracker.


Make Sure Your Keywords Are Complete

So that’s how you find your targets! Sometimes, you’ll run into trouble finding keyword variants, categories, and other non-root keywords that you should be paying attention to in your industry.

I’ve made a video here to find keywords if you’re having trouble. I walk you through a few different tools including:
– Google Keyword Planner
– Twinword


Finalize Those Keywords

Alright, we’ve got a great list of keywords, now let’s finalize them, categorize the priorities, and organize them appropriately. I’ll also show you how you can be thinking about the traffic numbers that you want to be seeing based on the keyword targets that you’ve selected.


Additional Resources for Keywords

One of my favorite SEO blogs is on and they recently made an article about some great FREE keyword tools that they recommend. I haven’t started using these tools yet, but you can be sure that I will be digging into this very soon. Check out the article here.

Additionally, they made a fantastic video about how to identify keywords using the Ahrefs tool:

Spending the time to figure out the targets you want for all your marketing efforts is 100% necessary (and soooo not an option). If you’re having trouble, comment below and I’ll be happy to help you through any difficulties.

Alright guys, your keywords-HANDLE IT! 🙌

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