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Your site's navigation and what it needs to be

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Have you watched “A Handmaid’s Tale“? The sheer control the overlords have over women in this truly depressing dystopian society is reminiscent of how SEO works-In order to stay within the favor of Google (AKA Page 1 rankings and snippets) you’ve got to play by their rules and their rules only.

Our SEO strategy is just that: play by Google’s rules. If you think about what Google is trying to do at the end of the day, it’s to organize the interwebs. They’re organizing it by category, by topic, by “good”, by “bad”.

For a content property to be considered “good,” the rules are quite straightforward: be organized and have good content (and read this).

We’ll get to how to have ‘good’ content in a different post, so let’s cover that first part: how to be organized. Blessed be the fruit.

The Navigation is Critical

If you’re a content property and you’re not organizing your content in the most optimized way, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

I have taught courses on how to set content property navigation, and look at one of our student’s testimonials:

Overnight results folks.

That is unreal in SEO time.

But this is how critical the navigation is: it’s literally the map that tells Google everything that you’re about. We’ve found, that if you organize your shit for them, you’ll be under “his eye.” Praise be.

Before you watch my tutorial about navigation, read THIS POST on finding the right keywords, b/c that is the first step to getting the navigation down right (and it’s a requirement)! In fact, this current navigation tutorial picks up from the end of THIS POST, so please click over and handle that first (and watch it open in a new tab like all outbound links should).

I’ve Got My Keywords, Now What?

Got your keywords? Sweet. Let’s turn that into a super organized navigation that both Google and visitors to your site will appreciate.


The Structure Of Your Navigation Counts

We follow a 5×5 navigation structure. When we have mature properties, we may expand this to 5x5x5 which means: 5 main categories, each with 5 subcategories, and 5 sub-sub categories.

I don’t recommend changing your navigation around too often. SEO takes time, so if you’re submitting a sitemap and letting it marinate only to pull the rug out from underneath and make the clock start all over again… Not great. Make sure you get it close to final the first time. The only thing you want to do in the future is ADD to the navigation with additional sub-sub topics.

I do want to reemphasize a point a made in the video: Don’t force it. If you can’t make your navigation fit nicely in a 5×5, just don’t do it. What’s weighted more is the organization, not the numbered criteria.

Hope this was helpful! Please let me know if it was… Alright, now handle it! 👍

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