Boost Your SEO With New Video Structured Data

Boost Your SEO with NEW video structured data

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Google’s been rolling new features out on their Google Search Console. We’re super excited about these updates, and we wanted to share them with you.

New Structured Data For Videos (Google Update October 2019)

We already knew you had a higher potential to rank if you had a video in your post, but NOW Google allows us to add structured data to videos. Now we can help those google search spiders understand what our videos are about like never before!

Click the video to watch:

Here’s an outline of what we learned:

Google Now Allows Structured Data Markups for Video

  • Videos already rank very well on SERPS
  • You can now help boost your videos even more with detailed descriptions.
    • >500 characters, 100 words. (we’ll test this)!
    • Include a synopsis of what happens in the video
    • Be descriptive and clear!
    • Be smart! DO NOT be vague, use clickbait, or keyword stuff.

Which posts should you optimize?

  • We are going to do it for our top videos based on social performance (check your social metrics)
  • And our top videos based on organic performance (use the ahrefs feature!)

How do you optimize structured data for videos?

How will you be utilizing this new feature? Let us know in the comments.

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